What I'm Doing Because I'm Clearly Not Writing


It's been a month! I've spent the last four weeks buried in ideas elsewhere. Here's what's shifted me lately:

  • adrienne maree brown's Emergent Strategy, a read for anyone who wants to follow or to lead with equal parts empathy for others and sense of self
  • Morgan Jerkins's This Will Be My Undoing, a must-read
  • Crucial Conversations, which offers remarkable insights into how we communicate when stakes are high, opinions differ, and emotions are high
  • Brit Bennett's The Mothers, Jesmyn Ward's Sing Unburied Sing, Danzy Senna's New People
  • Leslie Feinberg's Stone Butch Blues, which wrecked me and reflected me in extraordinary ways, followed by Jack Halberstram's Trans*
  • This invaluable Guide to Audience Revenue and Engagement by CJR's Elizabeth Hansen and Emily Goligoski
  • The Daily, from the New York Times, which is basically the only thing left from the publication (other than Lindy West's column) that is readable and not immediately flammable.
  • Brandi Carlile's new album, which is the audible embodiment of a person settling into exactly who they are
  • And just yesterday, this read by Buzzfeed's Shannon Keating, on what a genderless world might look like, but really on what it might feel like to be free
Whether or not we belong somewhere, whether or not we’re allowed to dress and act and exist peacefully in our own bodies, is all too often left up to the discretion of people with just a tiny bit of power over us. And that goes for all the little moments throughout our days when we’re classified by gender, just as much as it does the extreme forms of sex-policing that can lead to harassment, violence, or death.

Also, Bitch redesigned our magazine, lead by an amazing design team, just unthinkably talented and profoundly right for this project. Check out Veronica Corzo-DuchardtJessica De Jesus, and Margot Harrington

And lastly, I'll be in LA at the end of the month spending a week at ONA's 2018 Women's Leadership Accelerator, for which I'm honored to be selected, and where I look forward to diving into ideas that will (hopefully) shift our understanding of media itself.