No Facebook, No Problem


Facebook recently announced that it'll be cutting nearly all organic reach for publishers.

Much like its announcement in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and today, the rules are the same: Publishers should not rely on a social network designed to keep users happy, connected, and—most importantly—on Facebook, to drive traffic to their work or deliver timely, factual, and well-balanced media. 

After counting on the social network for a decade, while standing by with both arms held high as digital platforms reduced the value media itself to almost zero, those outlets that want to survive at all—not to mention sustainably—need to ask tough questions:

What happens if Facebook stops existing tomorrow? Where will your media go? How will it get there? And what do you want it to do when it arrives?

Sue Cross, executive director at the Institute for Nonprofit News, has offered an excellent starting point for many media outlets. I'd recommend signing up for INN's email list as well for weekly tips, and if you'd like to go even deeper, check out Media Shift for quick pointers, trainings, and—my favorite—newsroom experiments!

But if you're only going to take away one thing, remember this: If the answer to your newsfeed woes is to begin building relationships in Facebook Groups, stop. Anything that includes Facebook as a solution to your newsfeed problems is short-sighted. Own your relationships!

kate lesniak