I like to create things, to test things, and to question the things I've created and tested. Here's what I'm getting into lately, personally and professionally. 

Outsmart 'em ok?

Outsmart 'em ok?

catching attention

Let me say the obvious thing: It can be very difficult to get people excited about feminism in the 3 seconds you have to make an impression on the Internet. Campaigns help.

Did you notice my favicon?

Did you notice my favicon?


What's better than randomly delicious foods stacked on top of each other, wedged between two pieces of bread, and spread with a tasty sauce? Nothing, that's what.

Jacobin mag greeting cards.

Jacobin mag greeting cards.

Jacobin, it's beautiful

If I never have to buy another greeting card again, I'll be pleased. Jacobin magazine, excellent for so many reasons, offers the perfect illustrations for fully-packaged cards.



KMHD & Tiny Plants

Not a project, just an obsession. I listen early in the morning and late at night & water this tiny plant from time to time, too. Also, I'm a sustaining member at Portland's jazz radio stationOregon Public Broadcasting, Color of Change, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Bitch Media. Keep scrolling.



Membership Matters

In media, thriving membership programs require strategic integration between engagement and editorial. In 2016 at Bitch Media, I won an Innovation Grant from the Institute for Nonprofit News, funded by the Knight Foundation and the Democracy Fund to test how a new program could help



Building Tangible Things

Most of my work is extraordinarily intellectual, and it's easy to lose touch with the physical world. Building things, especially outside, like this garden bed, is an important and intentional way that I get out of my head and into the world.